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Decision Management

Managing organizations is a process of constant decision-making – choosing among alternative courses of action. Today's fast changing and global environment dictates that successful enterprises have a rich decision-making process. This means not only gathering and processing data, but also gaining insight with the support of state-of-the-art decision methods. Decision-making ranges from a haphazard, seat of the pants effort to an exhaustive, time consuming process. The proper approach along this continuum requires a balanced effort amongst the time and resources available, the complexity of the problem, and the consequence of the decision to the stakeholders.

To achieve this balanced approach VHO has developed a structured process we call “Decisions by Design” that:

  • Gathers, focuses, measures and synthesizes stakeholder inputs
  • Allows input segmentation, sensitivity, and “what-if” analysis on the results
  • Captures trends, documents the process, and is repeatable from year to year

We tailor our decision analysis and support to meet a wide range of needs and help clients arrive at better decisions. The process develops consensus among diverse stakeholders and provides the rationale to explain and defend the choices that result. Most importantly, the decision-maker now has the tools to further analyze alternatives and to rapidly react to new priorities or to changes in funding. The process is simple; the execution is not. VHO approaches each task in a similar manner -- by applying subject matter experts along with operationally experienced analysts to define the problem and formulate potential solutions with customer inputs at every step. VHO analysts use best of class software to encourage collaboration and implement decision modeling, optimization, and portfolio management.

VHO helps decision-makers withstand the intense scrutiny of today’s budget process by providing a rigorous, consistent means of weighing and balancing all the factors relevant to a given problem. Decision-making is the very foundation of an enterprise, and sound decision-making is absolutely essential to success.

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