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Decision Management:
Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a key business process being adopted by best of class business organizations. VHO portfolio management focuses on the needs of mid and high level managers responsible for the selection and execution of programs or projects that consume scarce resources. As complexity, diversity, and span of control increases, a disciplined, structured approach becomes crucial to achieving the organization’s goals. A properly managed portfolio will concentrate on both external and internal objectives.

The process of choosing focuses on:

  • Customer value/priorities
  • Alignment to key organizational objectives
  • Functional and organizational balance
  • Decision constraints, linkages, and timing
  • Risk / impact of failure

The efficient monitoring process focuses on project health and environmental change. It must provide highly graphical information so busy executives can focus on what must be fixed or more closely monitored. Information must be pushed rather than searched for and the environment must be flexible and highly collaborative if it is to be adopted by the organization. Using our process, management can get information themselves that is timely. With customized presentations, managers do not have to sift through reams of information that is overly detailed or does not efficiently pinpoint important deficiencies in execution. Nor must they depend on staff to prepare ad hoc summaries of information that meets their real time needs.

Our high-end approach uses web-based Prosight Portfolio™ http://www.prosight.com/ software to display project scorecards, investor maps, budgets and trends, earned value management, schedules, and action items of interest in making quality decisions. With more current, higher quality information, management can more accurately and confidently steer the enterprise as programs evolve and objectives are achieved or redefined.


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