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Decision Management
: Strategic Planning


VHO’s Strategic Planning methodology is an interactive decision-making methodology based on the military’s battle-tested Rapid Response Planning Process. VHO its process to provide organizational leaders with a means to generate informed decisions quickly and in a time-sensitive environment. Adapted to meet the demands of forward looking organizations searching for that competitive edge, this innovative product takes them to new levels of clarity and action – above the chaos of crisis, a complex operating environment and competition. Our objective is to increases an organization’s agility and speed of command.


VHO produces a trained cadre of individuals capable of quickly and effectively responding to an opportunity or crisis. The process enables an organization to evolve from reactive decision-making, to a point where it can anticipate events, and finally to a desired end-state where its decisions lead events and shape the environment.

VHO presents its process, in most cases, through an intensive two-day training event.

  • Day One is a highly structured seminar that trains designated members of the organization in the process.
  • Day Two immerses participants in a relevant strategic or crisis scenario. This practical exercise employs individual role-playing.

The product, which is designed to enable decision makers to react quickly during time sensitive situations, is directly applicable to the complex and information intensive environments that executives are faced with today. It is aimed at “Fortune 1000” corporations, as well as new high technology start-ups facing stiff competition and a supremely complex operating environment


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