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Decision Management
: Wargaming

VHO has developed innovative applications for the military’s traditional wargaming process. Our wargaming process offers a challenging and unique interactive forum that is specifically tailored to each customer’s needs, and includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Assessment of contingency and crisis action plans
  • Leadership and management training
  • External and internal security posture
  • Competitive positioning

In our wargames, teams representing the organization, the competition, and the environment dynamically interact through a series of moves and counter moves against a tailored 'real-world' scenario. This process provides a venue to look at an organization's environment according to strengths and challenges and then to assess the capability of the organization to create a "change-driving" event ahead of the competition—or to mitigate risk. We provide a leadership forum for strategic thinking that improves organizational agility and efficiencies in a rapidly changing environment that often leads to break-through ideas and solutions.

Our customers use wargaming methodology to explore the feasibility and implications of plans, concepts or new ideas as well as evaluate those already in existence.

Readiness: Evaluate organization's agility and preparedness to deal with changing internal and external influences.

Uncertainty: Identify and assess vulnerabilities – mitigate risk – minimize liability.

Strategy: Examine a range of futures and identify the strategies and actions needed.


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