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Strategic Planning & Efficiency Experts

GS Mobis Training

The following describes the management services we provide under the Corporate Contract Schedule,
Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services [MOBIS] Schedule


VHO is a full service Administrative and General Management Consulting Firm which specializes in
Research & Development in Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences, including Scientific and Technical
Consulting Services. The assistance of expert consultants in various fields and disciplines has been
acquired in the past, with strong long-term relationships being established and developed over time.
This has enabled the company to maintain agility and rapid response capabilities in emerging, developed
and underdeveloped markets. In this section which covers the majority of the management consulting
services we offer under Corporate Contract Schedule. Consistent with our long-standing approach,
we will tailor these services to the specific requirements of each client, with an overall objective of
helping to make the needed improvements quickly and effectively.

Our approach to improving client leadership is geared toward assisting executives in setting goals,
planning for change, and mastering transition leadership techniques. In concert with these concepts, we
offer the following leadership-oriented services:

Leadership Assessment and Development
We assist agencies in evaluating leadership issues and in developing leadership skills, behaviors, and
teamwork to increase the effectiveness of their management systems.

Organizational Assessment and Design
We help agencies assess their need for organizational improvements, evaluate alternative designs, and
select those designs that meet their objectives.

Managing Cultural Change
We work with agencies to nurture organizational change and renew focus on customers and their varied

Organizational Transformation
We work with agencies to accomplish fundamental changes in their management, organizational, and
business systems needed to achieve world-class performance.

Institutionalizing Improvement-Oriented Cultures
We help agencies create and sustain a climate for organizational improvements.

Customizing Improvement Tools
We assist agencies in applying the best improvement tools to their unique situations and conditions.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a key element in aligning daily work with an organization's strategic directions. Our
approach to such planning promotes strategic thinking and actions. The directions provided by the
National Performance Review and Government Performance and Results Act raise the level of
importance of effective strategic plans and integrated performance monitoring systems for all agencies.

We offer the following services associated with strategic planning:

Formulation of Strategic Business and Research and Development Plans
We assist agencies develop strategic and other business plans aimed at satisfying their missions and
achieving their goals.

Assessment of Economic and Financial Feasibility of Strategic Plans

We advise agencies on the viability and practicality of their strategic plans.
Implementation of Strategic Plans
We help agencies define and understand their missions, visions, values, and goals; we transform their
strategic plans from planning documents into action plans.

Assessment of Capital Asset and Facility Planning and Utilization
We provide agencies with assessments of how well they are using assigned resources and where they
have opportunities for improvement.

Assessment of Technology Opportunities
We help agencies capitalize upon the business advantages associated with expanding their use of the
latest technologies.

Formulation of Acquisition Strategies
We help agencies formulate efficient and effective acquisition strategies.

Policy Planning and Analysis
We assist agencies in analyzing and reformulating their business policies to improve performance.

Development of Performance Standards
We work with agencies to develop standards for tracking their overall performance as well as that of
their processes and employees.

Customer and Market Focus
Customer and market focus examines how an organization determines evolving customer requirements
and expectations and how it sustains and improves its business relationships with customers. We use a
variety of tools to help agencies identify and understand their customers and their requirements and
then deploying effective feedback mechanisms for tracking and monitoring customer satisfaction. We
offer the following services in the areas of customer and market focus:

Collection and Analysis of Customer and Supplier Information
We help agencies design and conduct surveys and use other methods for obtaining customer and
supplier information; we also assist in the analysis, communication, and use of that information.

Market Analysis and Customer Service Standards
We assist agencies in understanding market conditions and requirements, defining customer needs and
expectations, and establishing meaningful customer service standards.

Quality Management Implementation
We assist agencies in modifying their operations so they are consistent with the Malcolm Baldrige
National Quality Award and the President's Award for Quality criteria.

Risk Assessments
We help agencies conduct internal and external climate and environmental assessments to understand
and mitigate their business risks.

Information and Analysis
Information and analysis requires expertise in the collection of data about processes and their
customers, the use of statistical methods for understanding and controlling those processes, and the
establishment of feedback loops to improve and sustain process performance. We are experienced in
helping government agencies acquire that expertise, quickly and inexpensively. As a result of that
experience, we offer the following services in the areas of information and analysis:
Economic and Value-Added Analyses
We provide agencies with financial analyses of their process and business improvement alternatives.

Performance Measurement
We advise agencies about the development, collection, and use of performance measures.

Information Strategies and Systems for Process Improvement
We assist agencies in formulating strategies for using information technology to improve their overall

Activity-Based Costing
We help agencies decide where and how an activity-based costing capability can improve their
performance; we also assist them in implementing such a capability.

Benchmarking and Best Practices
We help agencies improve their business processes by benchmarking them against those of leading
public- and private-sector organizations providing similar products and services, and by modifying the
best practices of those organizations for agency use.

Implementation Planning for Computer-Aided Facility Management
We advise agencies on using computer-aided facility management tools to reduce costs and improve

Strategies for Integrated Information Management
We help agencies develop and evaluate strategies for improving their use of business information

Decision Support and Executive Information Systems
We advise agencies in the development and use of management decision systems.

Business Results
Business results are the fruits of an organization's labors to improve. We provide our clients with advice
and counsel in interpreting those results, analyzing the systems that produced them, and developing
action plans to further improve business activities.

We offer the following business results services:

Change Management and Implementation
We advise agencies in identifying the need for organizational changes, developing the needed changes,
and assisting in their implementation.

Regulatory Analysis and Compliance Reviews
We help agencies navigate through governing regulations and satisfy all associated compliance reviews.

Financial and Market Analyses
We provide agencies with a full range of financial and market analyses.

Process Modeling and Simulation
We help agencies perform all types of modeling and simulation activities that are required to evaluate
alternative business practices, organizational structures, and operating techniques.

Our staff has facilitated a wide variety of improvement teams and group processes for many
government agencies. We generally provide facilitation services as an integral part of our broader
MOBIS efforts. Our facilitators understand and apply classic facilitation techniques and tools; they also
have a professional understanding of the issues and subject matter being addressed.

Facilitation has three important facets. First, it improves group effectiveness by keeping the group
focused on the specific issues under consideration. Second, it highlights the many different concerns of
the members of the group that, if not effectively managed, can impede progress of the group as a

Third, it raises the level of understanding and participation of all members of the group to achieve the
best solutions for the organization. The role of our facilitators is to help groups improve the process of
communicating in a manner consistent with free and informed choice, consensus building, and internal
commitment. Our facilitators use a variety of decision-making tools to achieve consensus on a range of
issues from highly technical to routine daily decisions.

We offer the following facilitation services:

Executive-Level Facilitation and Support
We facilitate executive-level teams, such as leadership, management, steering groups, and quality
management boards, in guiding organizational improvement initiatives.

Process Improvement Facilitation and Support
We facilitate process-oriented teams-including quality action and process improvement teams, and
functional and self-directed work groups-to achieve high-performance teamwork.

Cross-Functional Facilitation and Support
We facilitate cross-functional groups, such as integrated product teams, multifunction work groups, and
employee-integrated teams, to break down barriers, reach consensus, and agree on mutually beneficial

Interagency Committee, Task Group, Board, and Steering Group Support
As a disabled veteran firm dedicated to improving public-sector management, we are particularly skilled
at facilitating interagency groups dealing with sensitive and complex issues (such as the National
Defense Panel, Quadrennial Review, Defense Reform Initiative, Base Realignment and Closure
Commission, Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces, and Information Technology

We offer consulting services in support of government agency requirements to perform business
process reviews of functions that have been traditionally viewed as inherently governmental or
commercial activities. We always tailor these services to meet the client's goals for privatization and
outsourcing responsibilities for all or part of selected functions. VHO has direct experience in drafting
direct relationships with USAF and City, State and Federal Officials during the preparation and
conceptualization of strategy for a teamed bid approach for the transition of the Aerospace Guidance
and Metrology Center, the first time ever privatization in place of a military instillation to civilian
operations. Acquired marketing intelligence; recruited some 760 incumbent employees; participated in
community and Air Force planning meetings; assisted senior corporate executives in devising bid and
team approach. Proposal was awarded a $19 and $265 million renewal for 5 years, with all major firms
involved, contract extended for 15 plus years. These early initiatives under the 1993 BRAC (Base
Realignment & Closure Commission) issued by Congress have acted as landmarks for the science and
developments in post cold war realignment through Privatization. These services complement those we
offer under Consulting Services. VHO will support the entire Privatization lifecycle, including the
solicitation process and the Management Study.

VHO will assist with developing the Performance Work Statement, Management Study, Most Efficient Organization, Technical Performance Plan, and the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. We will also assist with the preparation of the Cost Comparison Form and the In-House Cost Estimate, the Transition Plan, and the Independent Government Cost Estimate. VHO will provide extensive source selection support, including assisting in the preparation of the Requests for Proposal (RFP), answering vendor questions in response to the RFP, and on-site support of the Source Selection Evaluation Board, including analysis of vendors' proposals.

We offer a full range of privatization support services, including the following:

      • Developing management plans for identifying and assigning priorities to privatization opportunities.
      • Conducting feasibility studies and job saving analysis within the local area.
      • Developing or assessing performance-based statements of work.
      • Analyzing existing operations and recommending "most efficient organizations" (MEOs).
      • Developing performance metrics for MEOs or privatized operations.
      • Developing quality assurance surveillance plans.
      • Supporting and documenting the conduct of OMB Circular A-76 studies.
      • Developing in-house government cost estimates.
      • Assisting in the source selection of nongovernmental bidders.
      • Developing activity-based workload and cost data.

We have extensive experience assisting public-sector clients in the management, integration, and
oversight of their programs.

As a operating firm the organization includes individuals dedicated to supporting public agencies for
more than 25 years, we have a thorough understanding of government operations and missions. We
utilize a top-down approach in providing program integration and project management services to our
clients. We also incorporate a bottom-up review to evaluate the needs of our customers. We begin by
defining program goals and objectives, and developing strategies to achieve them. For selected
strategies, we develop implementation plans and establish performance measures for evaluating their
effectiveness. Our goal is to provide a framework for managing organizational changes in an orderly
manner without disrupting the ongoing operations of the organization.

As the figure below shows, we assist clients throughout all phases of the program life cycle-from
concept development through evaluation and oversight of program operations. We combine
management and technical expertise with a strong business focus to help our clients manage their
programs efficiently and effectively, and maintain their focus when business or technological changes
cause requirements to shift rapidly. Our capabilities are spread across three major areas: planning,
implementation, and acquisition.

Program Integration/Management Capabilities

      • Best practices & benchmarking
      • Market surveys
      • Acquisition strategy and plans
      • System life-cycle documentation
      • Cost benefit analysis
      • Prototyping and pilot systems

      • Performance measures
      • Automated evaluation tools
      • Technical, cost, and past performance assessment Acquisition
      • Program office support
      • Risk management
      • Test and evaluation support
      • Business process reengineering
      • Software change management
      • Implementation
      • Concept Development
      • Practicing Organization Development Operations
      • Monitoring
      • Implementation of Findings

Effective planning is the most important way to minimize future risk and ensure that programs and
systems are completed on time and within budget.

To ensure that our program planning support is effective, we use our knowledge of public- and privatesector
best practices to develop effective program strategies; conduct benchmarking to identify
opportunities for reducing program costs and improving performance; conduct comprehensive costbenefit
analyses of alternatives to predict whether financial goals can be met; develop acquisition
strategies and business plans that support corporate strategies and address technical, management, and
cultural issues that could affect the acquisition; devise training, test and evaluation, and implementation
plans that account for resource and schedule constraints as well as technical risks; and monitor and
assess prototype and pilot systems to determine whether and when those systems should be
implemented in the field.

We apply business process reengineering techniques and organizational change management processes
to help agencies integrate program changes systematically and efficiently. We also develop and
implement training programs that focus on the cultural implications of new programs and how those
programs will affect existing agency practices. Equally important is oversight and evaluation of programs
to ensure that the program's goals and objectives are being achieved effectively. When evaluating
program operations, we establish and use performance measures to evaluate program performance and
effectiveness, and identify opportunities for improvement; and conduct program
integration/management reviews, risk assessments, and independent verification and validation studies
of ongoing programs to mitigate risks, identify lessons learned, and reduce costs.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in supporting successful program implementations. We
have applied our program integration/management expertise to governmental operations, construction
projects, environmental remediation efforts, and technology programs. We also provide independent
assessments of key implementation tasks such as installation and training.

Finally, we assist clients in improving business processes and assessing the impact of new technologies
on business operations. Typically, our efforts require the integration of technical, cost, and schedule
information and involve coordination with key members of several organizational departments. We
form business partnerships with our clients to support successful planning, acquisition, and
implementation of new programs.

VHO will provide expert services in support of agency Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs
both formal and informal. ADR in support of EEO, this is not the facilitation of services rendered in this
proposal. VHO will assist agencies and related decision support services to agencies engaging in
collaboration efforts, offering neutral experts, joint problem solving, working groups, or integrated
product, process, or self-directed teams in facilitation of preventative, fact-finding, advisory, or imposed
ADR. VHO will help agencies to bring together diverse teams or groups with common and divergent
interests that may require neutral parties to assist them in the use of problem solving techniques. VHO
will redefine and refining the agenda; negotiate rule making, act as ombudsman, offer early neutral
evaluation, conduct special masters sessions, non-binding arbitration hearings, mediation, magistrates,
provide private judging services, summary jury trials, mini-trials. VHO will conduct the convening of and
leading toward consensus large and small groups in briefings and discussions; resolving disputes,
disagreements, and divergent views; recording discussions content and focusing decision-making;
providing a draft for the permanent record; debriefing and the overall resolution decisions and planning

VHO (ADR) Services to support services, including the following:
      • Fact-finding
      • Advisory
      • Ombudsman
      • Facilitation of preventative measures
      • Redefine and refining the agenda
      • Resolving disputes, disagreements, and divergent views
      • Lead large and small group briefings and discussions
      • Negotiate rule making
      • Non-binding arbitration hearings
      • Rulings
      • Findings
      • Recommendations and remedies

Introduction of New Service

VHO may be in the position to and is able to be tasked to, bring about new and innovative discoveries
and procedures to the Federal Government. VHO has the value added capabilities to place plus stated
products existing in the commercial market which are being develop, improved upon or not yet
introduced into use by the Federal Government and not yet introduced or utilized or available under any
GSA Contract but has relevance to this procurement item. VHO specializes in research and development
in advanced technological solutions, encompassing studies and analyses; integration; verification and
testing; operations and maintenance; facilities management; facilitation; survey; training; and consulting
services. VHO holds operating divisions in Consulting, Software Design Sales, International Quality
Standards, Materials & Equipment, Space & Defense Applications, Bio-technology, Remediation, Other
Government Support Functions. VHO is a full service Administrative and General Management
Consulting Firm which specializes in Research & Development in Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences, including Scientific and Technical Consulting Services. The assistance of expert consultants in various
fields and disciplines has been acquired in the past, with strong long-term relationships being
established and developed over time. This has enabled the company to maintain agility and rapid
response capabilities in emerging, developed and underdeveloped markets.

We offer five 2-day training courses:
      • Leadership Assessment Strategic Planning Activity-Based Costing.

The rates for these courses are shown in the following table:
      • Base Period Course Rates
      • Any course
      • FY14

1 to 10 Participants

Additional for each Participant in excess of 10

a.) Pricing for custom courses is based upon the pricing above plus the cost of any books and materials.
The content, scope, and class size of customized courses will be separately negotiated with each

b.) Maximum number of participants for any course is 30.

Contract Information
1. Table of Awarded Special Item Number (SIN):
FSC Group:
Page No.
Page No.
Consulting Services
Facilitation Services
Privatization Support Services and Documentation
Program Integration and Project Management
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services
Introduction of New Services
(SIN Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services [MOBIS] Schedule.)

The Vertical Horizons One, Inc. (VHO) a for profit corporation, offers extensive experience in developing
and implementing practical solutions to management, organizational, and business problems across the
spectrum of public-sector functional areas. We are skilled in transferring the knowledge and tools
needed for achieving the desired improvements in such a way that our clients can become selfsustaining.

This Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List for MOBIS Services describes the services we offer
under the Corporate Contract Federal Supply Schedule. The VHO hourly rates certification in this
schedule provides users the opportunity and flexibility to award task orders on a labor hour contract
basis in addition to a firm-fixed price basis.

Additional information can be obtained by calling David Tibbs, Director of Contracts & CEO, (740) 366-

      1. Corporate Contract Number: GS-
                  Previous Contract Number: GS
                  Contract Period:
                  Base Years: April 15, 2003 -- April 14, 2008
                  Option Years: October 1, 2008 -- September 30, 2013
                        October 1, 2013 -- September 30, 2018
                        October 1, 2018 -- September 30, 2023

      2. Maximum Order: $1,000,000
      3. Minimum Order: $600
      4. Geographic Coverage: Domestic US
      5. Point of Production: Newark, Ohio
      6. Discount/Prices: Net
      7. Quality Discounts: None
      8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 days
      9. Time of Delivery: Negotiated
      10. FOB Point: Destination
      11. Ordering Address: Vertical Horizons One, Inc., Attn: David Tibbs, 855 Sharon Valley Road,
            Suite 101, Newark, OH 43055-2860, (740) 366-9013
            E-mail: For Fast, Friendly Service ceo@vhone.net
            (740) 366-5230 (FAX)
            Website: http://www.VHOne.net

      12. Payment Address:
            Direct Payment: Vertical Horizons One, Inc.
            Attn: Accounts Receivable, 855 Sharon Valley Road,
            Suite 101, Newark, OH 43055-2860
            Electronic Fund Transfer or ACH Payment Information:
            Bank: Fifth Third Bank of Columbus
            C/O Vertical Horizons One, Inc.
            Address: 1235 N. 21st Street
            Newark, OH 43055
            Route #: 044002161
            Credit Card: VISA and MasterCard are accepted; Government Purchase Card.

      13. Warranty Provision: Standard Commercial
      14. Export Packing Charges: Actual cost, as required
      15. Business Size: Small Disadvantage Service Disabled Veteran Owned; Small 8(a)
      16. Statistical Data for the Government Ordering Office Completion of Standard Form 279:
            Block 9: " Under Federal Schedule"
            Block 16: Contractor Establishment Code (DUNS): "DUNS 059715677"
            Block 30: Type of Contractor: " Small Disadvantage Service Disabled Veteran Owned
            Block 36: Contractor's Tax Identification No. (TIN): 31-1797173

      17. CAGE Code: 1YVT1

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